Sir Fluffington

First Lance & Prime Knight of the Burrow Kingdom of the Rabbits.


Armoured in the most intricately forged of rabbit forged armour, equipped with the finest lance and sword money can buy, and mounted atop a brave armoured guinea pig companion- Sir Fluffington makes for an imposing figure in the animal kingdoms. Now accompanied by his loyal squire Cheepireep, he is ready for anything.



Born into a prestigious and noble family within the burrow kingdom, Sir Fluffington wasted little time in following his calling as a Knight. Soon overcoming all obstacles and trials thrown his way; defeating invading threats in daring deeds, as well as rescuing many bunny-maidens from vile villains. After defeating every single other Knight within the Kingdom in duels either on horseback or on foot, Sir Fluffington was pronounced First Lance and the Prime Knight to the Rabbit royal family. Wearing his title with pride, Sir Fluffington now ventures out as a questing testament to bunny nobility and valour.

Fluffington is married to Lady Silktail, they have a total of eight children.


Sir Fluffington

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